Saturday Fixtures

Our Saturday Pennant Competition starts in October 2017.

At the time of writing, the Metropolitan Bowls Association (here-after called the MBA) have still to finalise the Pennant Competition for the 2017-2018 session but it looks like the Clearview Bowling Club will be entering five teams as follows:

Division 4 North  Clearview White 4 Rinks
Division 4 East  Clearview Red 4 Rinks
Division 5 North  Clearview 4 Rinks
Division 6 North  Clearview 3 Rinks
Division 7 North  Clearview 3 Rinks

For more information see the MBA web-site (click here)

or go to the online Competition Portal (click here)

This season, we are NOT constructing tables of each match for each team.  The MBA web-site has that information and they may need to amend it during the season.  If you want to see who your team is playing, either go to the Competition Portal or select the Saturday Pennant Portal page and select the appropriate Fixture/Result/Ladder button. You will not only see who you are playing but also whether you are playing at Home or Away. You can see Venue Information and also the full playing list for each team.


David Bailey
Chairperson for Selectors

Committee Selector Peer Selector
Division 4 North White

Bob Hardacre
4 East Red Saturday Committee

Kevin Atkinson
4 East Red Saturday

Division 4 East Red

Ian Hart
4 North White Saturday Committee

Ron Wishart
4 North White Saturday Peer

Division 5 North

Mary Grantham
5 North Saturday Committee

David Reid
5 North Saturday

Division 6 North

Neil Lugg
6 North Saturday Committee

Anne Fritsch
6 North Saturday

Division 7 North

Jim Fawcett
7 North Saturday

Tom Ford
7 North Saturday