Social Bowls 2019

Social Bowls 2019

The last of the Social Bowls will be held on 

Saturday, September 8th and

Wednesday, September 12th.

“Thank you” to the many people that made the season so well-run and enjoyable.

Social Bowls on Saturdays and Wednesdays will commence late in April and will continue until August. See the notice boards (or telephone the club) for actual dates.   Play will be cancelled if the greens are under water.

Under Water Bowls
Lovely Day for Ducks

It is a great way to keep your delivery swing active, your bowls polished and your social diary full. There are players from all of the pennants teams, teams from other clubs and occasionally members of the “Grey Nomads” just passing through Adelaide. You won’t know who you are playing against until you have drawn a score card. You can enter an entire team (3 players) or as a single player; just ensure that your name is on the list the evening before the game.

The start time is 12:30. The format is: two games of three bowl triples. There is enough day-light for a single end roll-up, a 11 end game, a 15 minute tea/coffee break  and a 10 end game before repairing to the bar to thaw-out whilst watching the sunset. There are pies & pasties and raffle tickets to buy (prizes: meat trays) during the tea/coffee break and our bar staff are always willing to serve you through-out the afternoon. 

There is no truth in the rumour that Jameo (the Bar Manager) has his pet Saint Bernard, complete with cognac barrel,  patrol the greens on really cold afternoons.  😀   

Come and join the fun but bring warm clothing.

Some scenes taken late May 2018