Bowler’s Responsibilities

Etiquette is a code of behaviour whereby individuals treat one another the way they would like to be treated. Thoughtfulness and common sense are the keys to etiquette. According to J. P. Munro, a well-known lawn bowls historian. “It is those little acts that help make our game such a wonderful creator of sociability and friendship.”

Etiquette is an important part of Lawn Bowls and our members should not only practice it, but inform new members of what is proper and expected behaviour on the green and in the clubhouse. Friendly and sporting acts towards your team-mates and your opponents should be appreciated and reciprocated. We should all approach our bowls with enthusiasm, friendliness, good company and tolerance.

Etiquette is relevant to attire, politeness and general behaviour and adds to the feel of the game.

General Behaviour

  • Protect the green; always wear the correct footwear: flat, smooth-soled shoes and when preparing to play, do not drop your bowls onto the green.
  • Punctuality for all games is a courtesy to the other players.
  • When in a Pennant Match always wear a clean well-presented Clearview Uniform.
  • Wear your name tag.
  • Introduce each other at the start of play. Greet your opponents and attempt to remember their names.
  • If at Clearview, make sure your immediate opponent knows where the toilets, bar, water dispensers and smoking points are and, if necessary, the location of the sunscreen lotion.
  • If appropriate, make your opponent aware of the location of disabled toilet and how to access the greens via wheelchair.
  • If playing a game at Clearview that is catered, place the cost of food for yourself AND YOUR OPPONENT in the jar before leaving the table.
  • If you are at Clearview, offer to buy a drink after the game especially in hot weather.
  • Follow the smoking policy guidelines of the hosting club and encourage your opponent to follow suit (if applicable).
  • Pay attention to the game at all times. If leaving the rink temporarily, let your teammates know.
  • Be encouraging to your teammates and respectful of your opposition at all times.
  • Do nothing to distract the bowler on the mat and make sure you are not standing in front of the view of the boundary pegs.
  • Remain behind the mat and within the confines of the rink and walk up the green, after the player has left the mat and in a direction that allows the player to see the path of their bowl.
  • Excuses for bad play should not be blamed on the condition of the green, wind or other weather conditions. These conditions are the same for all players.
  • Keep silent while others are delivering their bowls and remain outside their gaze.
  • Mobile telephones should be turned-off or muted though-out the games and NEVER answered on the green.
  • Watch your bowl until it stops and learns from the shot.
  • Concentrate on the game and the state of play.
  • Admit a fluke shot when you play one and remember it when your opponent gets one later in the game. Team members should not clap a “lucky” bowl – remember it’s a poor bowl with a great result.
  • Remain behind the mat and within the confines of the rink and walk up the green, after the player has left the mat and in a direction that allows the player to see the path of their bowl.
  • Respect the laws of the game and the role of the umpire.

Planned Absences

If you are unavailable to play one of more matches, please add your name to the list of unavailabilities as soon as possible but before the day of match selection.  Pennant Teams are selected on:

                                 Match Day                                  Selection Day

                                 Saturday                                     Monday evening

                                 Wednesday                                 Friday evening

                                 Thursday                                     Monday morning

Unplanned Absences

The Bowls Committee and the Director of Selectors request that if you are ill or need to with draw from pennants on a Saturday or Wednesday for any reason you do so BEFORE 9.30am.

You can do this by notifying the Club, Director of Selectors or your respective selector.

Travelling Away

Ultimately it is the responsibility of each bowler to arrange his/her own transport to an away venue. However, if this is not possible, you should approach your Selector, Team Manager or Skipper for assistance.

The ideal arrangement is for all members of a rink to meet at the Club and travel together. The driving duties can be shared, where possible each week amongst those in a rink.

If bowlers do meet at the Club before travelling, please alert the Team Manager for that side before you leave.

Some bowlers choose to travel direct to an away venue. When this is the case, it is the responsibility of that bowler to put his/her name on the board specifically provided for this purpose located by the water cooler; outside the selector room.  It would also be helpful if he/she would notify the Selector, Team Manager or the rink Skipper if this occurs.

When reaching an away venue, you should notify your Team Manager of your arrival.


Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) has made the following changes to the conditions of play for 2017/18.

  • 21 ends for all Saturday pennants.
  • Cards drawn 15 mins before the game starts.
  • Practice on any rink until that time.
  • Afternoon tea as usual – limit to 20 mins – Premier 1, Div 1 & 2 no break.
  • Thursday pennants 10 min break after 11 ends – lunch after the game.
  • Hot weather. 36C is the trigger for early starts for all pennants.

For more information, go to the MBA site