Champagne Breakfast

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, the Club held its Champagne Breakfast.  It was well attended with a lot of teams from other clubs as well as the old faithfuls from Clearview.

The morning started with breakfast while the sun got its act in order (the previous day it had been 37 degrees; this morning we needed jumpers!) but by the time we poured onto the green, it was a pleasant day.

Here are some of the many photos taken during the day.

A picture of concentration

All Smiles What a Great Day

Did you see that?

Close Friends

Bev thinks her blue bowls is the shot

Did you see what John did?

Are you having a good day Hazel?

He ain’t heavy he’s my brother!

Hmm. What can I do about this?

I just put in a Blocker

Hey Sam bowls aren’t what they use to be

I think it’s too close to call

I reckon I could knock that one out

There is a force field around jack

Bring it through here

President Roll

On the mat

On the Mat

Still good friends

Great day. See you next year.

The Three Stooges

Our Special Cooks

Trying to figure this out

This is how you do it Frank.

Jimmy: the in residence Raffle Seller

And the number is…

At least I don’t go home empty handed

Sponsor: Martin Real Estate

Sponsor: Rashiba Christina de la Ruwiere flanked by our President and CEO

Our current Bowling Committee

The 2017 Champagne Breakfast WINNERS

The Runner-up Team

Other Prize Winners

Other Prize Winners

Other Prize Winners