Club Championships

 2017/18 Championships

This year's tournament is directed by Renzo Pellegrini. He has distributed Nomination Forms which are due back by Saturday, October 21, 2017. So far, he has arranged the

Men’s Singles

Ladies’ Singles

Men’s Pairs

Ladies’ Pairs

He has still to arrange the Mixed Pairs and the Minor Singles.

Tournament Director
Renzo Pelligrini

Diary Dates

Dates for each round the the championship are included in the Club diary but are also summarised below: (Changes to dates are highlighted in yellow)
Men's & Ladies' Singles Men's & Ladies' Pairs
Round 1 October 29, 2017 Round 1 October 29, 2017
Round 2 November 19, 2017 Round 2 October 29, 2017
Round 3 November 26, 2017 Round 3 December 16, 2017
Round 4 December 16, 2017 Round 4 December 17, 2017
Round 5 December 17, 2017
Final January 14, 2018 Final January 14, 2018

This is a good way of getting extra practice for Pennants

Rules & Conditions of Play

  1. Bowlers who have played the first two games in the top side are not eligible for the minor singles.
  2. Championship matches are to be played on the nominated dates.
  3. Inclement weather will be taken into consideration. Open gender or mixed events the 36 degree temperature policy will apply, and if rain prevents play the dates will be altered.
  4. Any bowler who cannot play on the nominated day will forfeit.
  5. Substitutes will be allowed for Pairs with Bowlers that have not nominated for the Championships in that category.
  6. Winners may have to play two games on one day.
  7. The onus is on YOU to ensure your name is in the events you have nominated for.
  8. Practicing on the green programmed for matches is NOT allowed on match days.
  9. Match days can be changed at the discretion of the Championship Co-ordinator.
  10. Consultation between the Championship Co-ordinator and Bowlers in multiple finals will sort out any issues.
  11. After reading the conditions of play do not suit you, please do not enter the competition.
  12. A round of Singles will be split into two sessions: morning and afternoon. Players will be expected to mark for the session they are not playing in.
  13. The Championship Co-ordinator is available if you have any issues.