Club Management

Our Management

All facilities of Clearview Bowling & Community Club are managed by a Board through various sub-committees, including bowls activities and tournaments which managed by the Bowls Administration.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Bailey
President Rick Smith
Male Vice President  Bob Baldwin
Female Vice President  Nat Kiss
Bowls Manager Peter Bishop
Director of Finance  Des Harding
Immediate Past President David Bailey (Deceased)
Bowls Administration
Bowls Manager Peter Bishop
Secretary David Armstrong
Director of Selectors Bob Baldwin
Tournament Director  Renzo Pellegrini
Club Championships Director  Kevin Atkinson

Our Chief Executive Officer, Ian Bailey, provides the liaison and is the prime contact with the Community.


Management Board

Board Members as at the 2019 AGM


 Bowls Administration

Bowling Administration as at the 2019 AGM


Greens Manager Leon Harder
New Membership Officer Mary Grantham