Duty Rink

From time to time your rink will be nominated as the Duty Rink for a home game. This means that the Skipper AND the three other players on the rink have duties before AND after the match. Please be aware of these duties and preform them with good grace.

Handling of flags, both flag-raising and flag-lowering, are subject to protocols set-out by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and should be done with respect and dignity. If you do not know these protocols, ask or click on the flag below.

Before Play

Both flags have been raised with the Australian flag on the western side.

You check rink allocation and that there are two mats and a jack to each rink.

The umpires’ trolley has been placed between ‘A’ and ‘B” greens.

The two (outside) water fountains are clean and there are enough plastic cups.

After Play

After the last rink has finished, bring in Mats, Jacks and Umpires’ trolley and return to the storage room.

Check outside the Clubhouse for and good dining chairs  and return then to the dining room.

Pick-up and return to the bar area, all empty bottles, cans and glasses.

Only when the last rinks has finished play, lower the flags: the Australian flag first. DO NOT allow the flags to touch the ground.

Fold flags with respect and return to the storage room. However, if the flags are wet, please hang them over chairs to allow them to dry.