Pennant Results

G’day, the page full of buttons that would take you to the desired result page or desired ladder page won’t work any more because the Metropolitan Bowls Association are not maintaining the pages any more. The same information is now maintained in the Bowls Australia website BowlsLink Result.  

I have given you a link to the BowlsLink Result site. Just place your cursor on the logo below and click the mouse.

The rest of the page will try to explain what you should do once you get there.

You will need to know: 

  • what day of the week your competition is played on. (Sat, Wed or Thu)
  • what division you play in
  • whether you play in North, East, West, Central etc.

You should see the separate page looking like this:

Scroll down the page until you the competition you are interested in.

Click on the entry to see the next page.

Hint If you click on the PIN button on the right side of the screen, all of your PINned selections (upto 5 selections) will appear in “Pinned Items” column on the left side the the screen. It will save you having the scroll down the page the next time you visit.

Before we go on, just have a look at the page. What you are seeing is the first round of the season. If you look at the green line, you will see a small white arrow. If you click on this, you will see the second round. Click on it again and you will be looking at the third round, etc, etc.

Another thing: the page defaults to showing “Matches/Results” but if you click on the “Ladder” you should a page like this:   

Have I lost you so far?

If you now go down to the Clearview results (on the Matches/Results side of the screen) and click on the line you will see:

the result in all its glory. But wait, there is more: do you see the down arrows at the right side of the screen? Click on one (or more) of them and you can see the names of the triumphant team.

 Are you impressed?  

This page has been produced as a friendly guide. It is not an official page of Bowls Australia or Metropolitan Bowls Association and is likely to be out of date before long but it might be of use at the moment. Good Bowling.